School District Action

In some cases it is extremely valuable to pressure your local school district to make change. The flexibility given the district will vary from state to state.

The following letter provides a structure for an appeal to your local school district.

To: ISD Superintendent Re: "The Truth About Economics"

As a champion for education, I am sure you are well aware of how relevancy affects the degree of enthusiasm a student has for a given class. High school students suffer when they are forced or coerced to take a class that has no relevancy to their economic livelihood, even when the course is titled economics. Economic theory has no real life application. The theories are over 100 years old and the mathematics that supports the theories is invalid.

Instead of teaching economics, we should be teaching financial literacy.

  1. Budgeting and planning for financial needs
  2. Saving and investing to support financial goals
  3. Credit, debt and credit scores
  4. Reading markets, shopping, and negotiating
  5. Careers and Income
  6. Risk, Insurance and legal matters
  7. Housing and home ownership as an investment
  8. Taxation, public spending, social security and retirement

You can help correct this situation by allowing any student to take a class on Financial Literacy instead of economics. Pleased let me know what I can do to help you achieve this objective.