About the Author:
Michael Ryan is a former high-tech executive with over twenty years experience guiding major corporations through the technology changes that have transformed American business. His engineering foundation, coupled with his financial expertise, provided the perfect fit for navigating the new environments. Michael retired early to pursue avenues that gave back to his community most importantly through teaching. His obsession with details and his communication skills were equally successful in the classroom. They prepared him perfectly to write this book about education. His analytical approach uncovers a fascinating story about economic theories, their weaknesses, and how the theories persisted, even though there was ample evidence they should be discarded. His hope is to change our educational curriculum to better serve our children by teaching them personal finance, aka financial literacy, instead of unproven economic theories that have no foundation in daily business activities.
"I have a penchant for the truth and the material didn't seem to be entirely honest. I just hope that my discussion and exploration will allow others to reach the same conclusion. I imagine anyone in the scientific community will agree with the conclusions but those that have used supply and demand to manipulate public opinion, will have a much more difficult time. I urge them to think outside of their box and think of the possible."

"While writing the book, the sense of injustice was a major motivation for me. Education should be about truth. Chapter 5 clearly shows either dishonesty or serious ingorance was at play. Given the expected intelligence level of those involved in developing these theories forces one to conclude deception could have been the driver. Chapter 8 provides a partial explanation of why academics acted as they did. It brings an entirely different discussion to the realm of behavioral economics. I hope this book can provide the NUDGE we need to change our educational curriculum."
Why this book came about: