Education Reform

This book presents a fascinating story about how we fail to teach our children what they need to know. We should be teaching Financial literacy, a course that prepares our children for success in today’s economic society. Instead we teach economics, a course buried in ancient theories and justified by invalid mathematical concepts. There is little relevance between an economics course and today's modern business practices. This book presents the reasons to join the battle and fight for educational reform. It is time to stand up and demand relevant education from your state education system. Let's give our children the knowledge they need to achieve financial success.
Your State Goverment
Controls what is taught in your schools. Let your state legislator know you want your chiildren to learn financial literacy.
Your Board of Education
Is responsible for knowing what your children are taught but are unaware of the lost opportunity.
Your Local University
Is complicit in promoting this problem by encouraging high school students to take the AP Economics class. Tell them to stop accepting AP credit for Economics courses.
Supply and Demand curves lack any scientific foundation, they are ideological concepts used to promote a political position.
Economists have peculiar ideas about cost that are never used in day to day operations of running a business.
Meanwhile our children are not provided the opportuinty to learn basic financial skills.
Economists consider labor as the only source of moral hazard and fail to mention moral hazards faced on wall street every day.